What we provide

Design & Space Planning

We can offer a complete design package with on-site surveys & inspection services; using the latest AutoCAD software to provide drawings to ensure full effective space planning and bespoke tailor-made designs to suit any business.

Pallet Racking

We aren’t tied to one particular manufacturer or supplier, so our team can provide the most suited industry-wide solution for your storage needs. If you need 100% access to all stock at any given time, then standard wide or narrow aisle racking would best suit or if you have the space available and lower product types, a more concentrated solution like Shuttle or Drive In may best suit. The type of racking can also be governed by what type of access equipment you have. Our team are on hand to advise the most suited solution.

  • Wide or Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking
  • Drive-In/Through Racking
  • Double deep racking
  • Shuttle Racking
  • Mobile Racking
  • Push Back Racking (LIFO/FIFO)

Cantilever Racking

Ideal for storage of long, more cumbersome items like timbers, pipes, steel inside your warehouse or in your yard. Manufactured to suit your specific product size and weight including

  • Single or Double-sided
  • Canopy/Clad Structure
  • Galvanised/Painted finish
  • Various column centres to suit your product

Mezzanine Floors

Our mezzanine floors can be the perfect solution for any business to increase space and occupancy capacity.

Making best use of your available height, our team can advise how you can maximise the space, whether for additional storage or to incorporate offices/meeting rooms and advise on fire rating requirements and building warrant applications.


Stock sometimes needs to be kept secure or in segregated areas to prevent contamination and/or access to these items.

Our vast range of partitioning options offer a flexible solution to provide bespoke layouts to best suit your application/budget/timescale.

  • Mesh partitioning
  • Single and double skinned steel partitioning
  • Office and interior partitioning
  • Ceilings


To enable better organisation and access we offer various shelving systems to best suit your application. To compliment your shelving various accessories are available including bin fronts, mesh backs, dividers or pull-out shelves for example:

  • Single and Multi-tier boltless shelving
  • Longspan shelving
  • Document & archive shelving
  • Chrome Wire hygienic shelving
  • Carton live shelving

Mobile Shelving

Our range of mobile shelving allows you to maximise your storage and minimise access space. It is essentially static shelving mounted onto steel bases which run on pre-formed tracks where the underside wheels locate. Each run is moved by turning the handle to open the aisle space. Allows you to get more capacity than static shelving into the same footprint.

Closes up to give added security also. Ideal for storing records, archives, files, books and various other types.


We have a wide range and variety of lockers to suit your every need.

Our lockers can be manufactured to suit any space and create a safe and secure compartment for your items, our locker range includes Standard storage, Personal effects, Laptop, Coin operated, Mesh, Cube, Clean & Dirty lockers for every application

Workplace Products

We offer a large variety of all types of handling equipment to complete your project.

These can assist staff to move, pick, assemble and identify items  more easily and include:

  • Pallet trucks
  • Mobile Steps
  • Load notices and labelling
  • Workbenches
  • Barriers and Guards

Relocations, Maintenance & Service

All workplace equipment should be inspected, maintained and repaired on a regular basis.

An inspection identifies whether the equipment can be operated safely and that any deterioration (for example defect, damage, wear) can be identified and remedied before it results in unacceptable risks.

Existing installations can be relocated and even integrated into new projects to help with budgets and environmental concerns!

  • Full inspection and test safe operation of systems
  • Once or twice-yearly visits from trained engineers